Chitrali Cooking

The bread that the Chitrali eat is called shapik. Tiki is deep- fried shapik with something stuffed inside.
The one that I love most is the tiki that I had in Mastuj. It was a very thick one about 3cm and inside was filled with cottage cheese and walnuts. The filling may be anything, meat or vegetables, such as Indian mustard leaf, tomatoes etc.

Here you see a tiki stuffed with cheese and walnuts on the tray. Unfortunately this is not Mastuj made but still it was very very good. Also on the tray is boiled and spiced beans and cooked mustard leaf. On the right is shapik, an ordinary Chitrali bread.


  1. Mix flour and water to make a dough. Knead it by hand cover it with damp cloth and set aside for about thirty minutes.
    Knead the dough again and divide into a ball. Roll out into circles to make chapati about 10cm in diameter. Roll our another chapati a little bigger than before.

  2. Spread the fillings on the smaller chapati. The filling has to be cooked beforehand. It can be any leftovers, cooked vegetables or meat. Cover with the bigger chapati and fold the fringe so that the fillings will not burst out.

  3. Put oil in the pan and heat well. Lower the tiki gently into hot oil and cook. Turn over and cook again until golden brown.