Music of Chitral

Rai Baiyu

Oh my companions! Bring out the rifle of Dusra Bap
Track of the mountain goat is clean and unpolluted.
Ibex and goats will come along and we shall see them *refrain
Oh my companions! Bring out the boot made of skin of Dusra Bap *
Oh my companions! select the brave ones on top of the hill*

The villagers set out for collective hunting equipped with rifles and dogs. Animals, specially big games like ibex and markhor are captured in a narrow valley or gorge. The party rejoices after having a good hunting day. The singer recalls how they set out and how they played the game.

In 1982 and 84 , there were men who sayed that they still sung these songs when they hunted but nowadays this traditoin seems to be dying out.

translation by Dr. Iyat ullah Faizi and Mr. Rhamak Akbar Khan Rahmat