Music of the Kalash

Rhythmical Songs

Aside from the dance songs and chants that are monotonous and sang in free rhythm, there are also many rhythmical songs. The songs are metric, in fast duple beat and freaquently clapping of the hands and dance take place.
These songs are sung mainly in the winter festival Chaumos, wedding party Sariak, and also in the spring festival Joshi. Most songs are improvised, like in Chaumos, where many sexual songs and mocking songs are sung one after the other in a dialogue style. But there are also songs that have fixed terms, as well as game songs, like in the songs of Joshi.

Most songs are consisted of a simple three-tone melody, 2 major seconds, F-G-A. Also a two-tone melody of major third, F-A is frequently used. On the last day of Chaumos, a different kind, a melodious wide ranged melody is sung.